BOTE Kayak Reviews and company Info

BOTE Kayaks are brought to you by a dynamic couple, Cory and Magda, who revolutionized a product. They have a passion for life on the water that began in childhood for both. 

When they tried paddleboarding together over a decade ago, they were not satisfied with any boards they could find on the market. Everything available was more like a big, unstable surfboard and a boat. They knew they could do better.

This financial advisor and mechanical engineer left their corporate jobs to found BOTE. Their goal was to combine the simplicity of a board with the function of a boat. Their invention had to carry cargo and maneuver it so that even a kid could paddle it. 

With great success in the paddleboard industry under their belts, Cory and Magda moved into making inflatable kayaks. With the same passion to make a great product, BOTE offers the Deus Aero, the LONO Aero, and the Zeppelin Aero inflatable kayaks. 

So what are some of the differences in these BOTE Kayak Reviews? Read on!

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Bote Kayak Reviews

Below are some of the differences between the Bote Kayaks. If you want to see how the company compares to others check out our Kayak Brands Page

KayakDimensionsWeight Max CapacityActivityPrice
Dues Aero11′ × 33″41 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ SUP Hybrid$$$$$$
Lono Aero12′6″ × 35.551 Lbs400 LbsRecreation/Fishing/ Pedal$$$$$$$
Zeppelin Aero 12′6″ × 38″41 Lbs600 LbsRecreation/ Fishing$$$$$$

Deus Aero 11′ – (SUP Hybrid Pick)

The Deus (day-us) is a sit-on-top kayak and paddleboard in one.


  • Length:11′
  • Width: 33”
  • Height: 14″ 
  • Materials: Made of AeroULTA Technology and military-grade PVC
  • Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity: 300 lbs.

Who It Is For

The Deus Aero is a recreational kayak and SUP for anyone who wants to get out on the water and paddle for a few hours. Its stability and maneuverability make it a great choice if you are new to kayaking and paddleboarding

It is a lightweight craft at only 41 lbs. making portage easier for any user.

It is suitable for open water or a river or creek. Since it is easily portable in the included travel bag, you can take it almost anywhere to enjoy a day on the water. 

On Water Performance

The dimensions and separate inflatable chambers make the Deus extremely stable on the water. BOTE achieved its goal of having the function of a boat with the ease of use you get from a paddleboard with the Deus. You will be confident using it in either kayak or paddleboard mode. Which makes this a great 2 in 1 vessel that does both sports well.  

The Deus features a flared bow that helps you penetrate the water for easier paddling. The rubberized keel helps you cut through the water and protects your BOTE for when you breach onto land. 

Stern side-bite fins help keep you straight in kayak mode. A removable center-fin gives you extra stability and maneuverability in SUP mode.

It’s 11’ length allows the boat to maneuver easily. Which makes this a good pick for tighter paddling spots like gentle rivers. 

Kayak Features and Design

Many features on the Deus are unique to BOTE. An open transom allows water to flow out the back of the kayak, keeping you drier than in other inflatable kayaks. New and unique to the Deus is an adjustable foot support system for kayak mode. 

With its three inflation valves in the stern, you can inflate the Deus in less than ten minutes. It’s even easier when you have an electric pump

The Deus is packed with features that make your time on the water more convenient. You’ll find bungees to hold cargo in the bow and a cooler tie-down in the stern. You can mount a Go-Pro or other accessory on the Scotty Dot on the bow.

What Customers Think

Customers love how easy it is to inflate and deflate the Deus. They also like how the Deus sits higher in the water. It makes getting in and out of the kayak effortless.

Customers also love the portability of the Deus. It deflates and rolls up into the storage bag. You can fit two even in a small Toyota!

Not all buyers thought that the Deus was worth the price compared to other inflatables. But most reviewers rave about it. 


  • Light and portable
  • Lots of amenities like the magnetic cup holder
  • Bag and pump included
  • Stable on the water
  • Converts to SUP by easily removing seat deck


  • Wind can affect maneuverability
  • A restocking fee for returns
  • Magnapod only works with BOTE cups

Lono Aero 12’6” – (Fishing SUP Hybrid Pick)

BOTE calls the Lono Aero the ultimate fishing kayak. Anglers and other kayakers will enjoy the features of this inflatable.


  • Length: 12’6” 
  • Width: 35.5”
  • Height: 20” 
  • Materials: Made of AeroBOTE Technology and military-grade PVC
  • Weight: 51 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity: 400 lbs.

Who It Is For

The Lono Aero is best suited for intermediate and advanced kayakers. It features amenities that would be more than necessary for just paddling around the lake. If you are into kayak fishing or exposition kayaking, the Lono Aero will accommodate all your gear nicely.

On Water Performance

The width and sidewalls make the Lono Aero more stable than a traditional kayak and other SUPs on the market. It features the same rubberized keel and side bite fins on the stern to keep you paddling straight and cutting the water with ease. 

Kayak Features and Design

The Lono Aero features a removable top and seat deck for converting into a SUP. Anglers can fish sitting or standing with simple versatility. Grab handles, a cooler tie-down, a. magnetic cup holder, and brackets for a fishing pole rack are helpful amenities on your next fishing expedition.

What Customers Think

The stability of the Lono Aero makes it an excellent choice for bringing along a child passenger or adventurous pup. It is effortless to board on and off, and the sidewalls keep kids/ pets safely contained.

Anglers enjoy the option to fish sitting or standing. The Rocket Rac add-on gives you the ability to carry four rods, either conventional or fly. Two rods can be used for trolling while two are in storage. It must be purchased separately, though.

The seat is far more comfortable compared to a traditional kayak seat a few reviewers noted.


  • Stable in the water for fishing and child passengers
  • Available in four color choices
  • Pedal drive optional
  • Fanstastic option for Anglers


  • Brackets for rod rack don’t click into place
  • Magnapod only works with BOTE cups
  • No footrest
  • Have to purchase a rod rack to make it a fishing kayak

Zeppelin Aero 12’6” – (Fishing Kayak Pick)

The Zeppelin Aero stands out as the convertible solo or tandem kayak that BOTE offers.


  • Length: 12’6”
  • Width: 38”
  • Height: 9”
  • Materials: AeroBOTE technology and military-grade PVC
  • Weight: 41 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity: 600 lbs.

Who It Is For

The Zeppelin Aero is for beginner and intermediate solo or tandem kayakers. The room and versatility of this inflatable make it great for families who want to spend time on the lake

It can handle waves washing over the front and sides with a self-draining hull. If you want to take it to the beach, some moderate waves will not be a problem.

On Water Performance

The Zeppelin Aero has the same standard side bite fins on the stern to give you stability and make straight paddling a cinch. It is center fin compatible for even more stability in SUP mode. 

You may have a little trouble getting some momentum as a solo paddler in this larger craft. Once you get going, though, the rubberized keel feature on BOTE kayaks will help you cut the water. 

Kayak Features and Design

The Zeppelin Aero stands out from the other BOTE inflatable kayaks with its Aero Seats. These inflatable, removable seats are a new invention from BOTE. Now, the Zeppelin comes with both seats as a standard amenity. 

The seats are comfortable and repositionable. A solo rider can place the seat in a standard position or sit farther back if they prefer. 

You’ll also find many of the features shared by BOTE inflatable kayaks. There are plenty of bungees for your cargo, accessory mounts for your Go-Pro, and cooler tie-downs, and the MagnaPod cup holder system.

The removable bottom of the Zeppelin is covered in the BOTE BVA anti-slip decking. Step confidently onto the deck of this kayak knowing you, your kids, and your pets have a sure footing. 

What Customers Think

Kayakers who have the Zeppelin Aero love all the room for cargo, another paddler, or their pets. This model is compatible with the Rocket Rac system, so angling is an option too. 

The Zeppelin has the highest weight capacity of all the BOTE inflatable kayaks. Two adults can confidently tandem kayak in the Zeppelin and have weight to spare for cargo. 


  • Solo or tandem kayak
  • The second seat is now standard
  • Adjustable seat position
  • Quick inflation time


  • The second seat ships separately
  • It might be hard to work up momentum for a solo paddler

BOTE Add-On Accessories

Accessories for this kayak brand include: 

The Magnepod system is one of the most innovative ideas from BOTE. It is a magnetic disk that comes standard in some models or can add to others. Any BOTE with the Stashpod feature is compatible with the Magnepod.

It is a strong magnet that holds your metal Magnepod Tumbler in place, even if you hold your kayak upside down. The only drawback to this feature is that it only works with BOTE drinking vessels. Your YETI or another metal tumbler won’t stick.

BOTE offers the Rocket Rac system that turns your kayak into the perfect angler’s kayak. It holds four poles; two trolling and two in storage. You’ll never be without the right pole out on the water.

These inflatable kayaks are light enough for most adults to carry. If you are crossing the beach, though, a wheel rack system can get you to the water quickly and effortlessly

The manual pump comes standard with your BOTE inflatable kayak. Most customers can inflate their craft in 10-15 minutes. If you have multiple vessels, save time inflating them with the AeroPump

You can add the Apex Pedal Drive system to the Lono Aero. Save your arms for fishing by getting to your perfect spot on the lake with the pedal drive system. 

All the BOTE inflatable kayaks have tie-downs for a cooler. Their KULA circular coolers fit perfectly into the semi-circular notch in the back of the seat. Some models have a circular space for the cooler. The round design fits your round drinks better too. 

The KULA is available in two sizes and with hard or soft sides.

Several of the coolers and the wheel rack are currently out of stock, which speaks to their popularity. They also have excellent reviews on Amazon. 

BOTE Customer Service

Buying a high-end item means high expectations. When you open that package, you expect to say, “Wow, that’s amazing!” Considering that all the BOTE inflatable kayaks retail for over $1000, they should impress customers from bow to stern. 

In most cases, BOTE buyers are delighted and leave five-star reviews. Some customers have problems with their BOTE right out of the box. Sometimes defects happen with all inflatable products. BOTE typically makes it right by offering refunds, replacement of products.

Reviewing customer complaints on the Better Business Bureau website shows only a handful of reports over the last few years. Unfortunately, their customer service section works slowly. Many customers waited weeks or months for BOTE to fix the problem. 

If you order a BOTE inflatable kayak that comes with defects, you might be in for a long process to get a refund or replacement. Ordering a BOTE kayak for a trip already on your calendar may not be the best idea. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for customer service to help get ready for your deadline. 

BOTE Warranty and Returns Info

Inflatable kayaks featuring AeroBOTE technology come with a 2-year limited warranty. The limits include normal wear and tear, using your kayak over its weight limit, tears or punctures from regular use or misuse, and cosmetic flaws. 

Don’t expect to use and abuse your BOTE and then get a refund or repair. For a complete list of the warranty limits, click here

When you receive your BOTE, you should inspect it thoroughly for any defects. While the company does its best to send only top-quality products, some customers reported defective merchandise. If this happens to you, you can start a warranty claim.

Warranty Claims Process

First, make sure that you have registered your product and kept your sales receipt. You will need them for your claim. BOTE requires you to send photos of the top, sides, and bottom and, The defective area of your kayak to begin processing your claim.

The policy page says a customer service representative will respond to you within two business days. We’ve seen from reviews that this is not always the case. You may have a long process ahead of you. But, considering the money you spent on your BOTE, it is worth it to get the product you paid for. 

If the representative decides that your product needs to be shipped back to the company, they will send you a Return Merchandise Authorization Number and a pre-paid shipping label. 

Your repair or replacement should be processed within one week of BOTE receiving your return. Again, you may be in for a longer wait than what they say on their site.   


Your BOTE inflatable kayak is covered by the company’s 30-day return policy. If you decide you don’t want this product, they will refund you via your original payment method.

There are a few caveats to returning a BOTE product. They charge a 20% restocking fee, and you must pay the return shipping cost

A returnable item is like-new with no visible signs of wear. Make sure you include all the original parts and accessories. Once your return reaches the warehouse, they will inspect it for damage and parts. If any pieces are missing, they may reduce the amount they will refund to you. 

These policies are standard for many inflatable kayak manufacturers.

Where to Buy BOTE Inflatable Kayaks

You can order directly from their website The advantage of buying directly from BOTE is getting the most options for color and accessories.

Amazon only carries the Deus when it’s in stock. 

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You can also find Authorized BOTE retailers. offers some paddleboards and other accessories. REI sells some BOTE products online and in retail locations. Small, independent marine stores can also carry their products. Search “where can I buy a BOTE” for a list of retailers in your area. 

You can order a BOTE inflatable kayaks in the US or Australia on their websites. Otherwise you have to go through local dealers

Similar Inflatable Kayak Manufacturers

While Bote has a pretty unique design there are other inflatable manufacturer you may want to look at if you are not sold on BOTE. 

Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle Razorlite 393rl

Sea Eagle produces a broad line of inflatable kayaks and canoes. Comparable products retail lower than BOTE and receive good customer reviews. 

The main difference between them is storage pace and amenities that come standard. Once you add on to your Sea Eagle, your final ticket price will be similar to BOTE.


AquaGlide Kayaks

Aquaglide comes in a wide array of shapes sizes and models. The models are meant for beginner to advanced paddlers. Aquaglide, like Bote caters to mostly flatwater paddling with a few exceptions.  

Neither the SeaEagle nor AquaGlide inflatable kayaks convert into SUPs like the BOTEs.