5 Best Inflatable Stand Up Kayaks: Sit On Top Fishing Picks

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Inflatable kayaks are not really the first things you think of when stand up kayaks are mentioned. The thoughts go straight to those pool dinghys that children or guys with sunglasses named “Chad” ride on.

Its time to start considering inflatable kayaks as a reliable stand up kayak option for fishing!

Below we will be going through the best inflatable kayaks for stand up fishing. We do our research through first hand experience and user tested reviews to figure out if the inflatable kayak can make the cut.

Fair Warning: the below kayaks are not exactly budget friendly picks. Thats just because they are all made of heavy duty military grade PVC materials that allows you to stand. If you are looking for the best cheap inflatable kayaks check this article out.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Kayaks and SUPs

In a hurry? Below is a list of the best inflatable stand-up kayaks and SUP hybrids that are specialized for fishing. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of inflatable fishing kayaks check this one out!

Best Inflatable Kayaks for Stand Up Kayak Fishing

  1. Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126(Customization Pick)
  2. BOTE Lono Aero 12’6”(Premium Pick)
  3. Sea Eagle 350 FX(Angler Pick)
  4. NRS STAR Pike(Durability Pick)
  5. BOTE Zeppelin Air 12’6”(Stability Pick)

1. Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 – (Customization Pick)


  • Length: 12’6” 
  • Width: 40”
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: 1100 Decitex reinforced drop stitch 
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 350 lbs

Why is it a Good Stand Up Pick?

The Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 is a wide kayak that is versatile, excellent for beginners, and accessory-heavy. There are several packages available for this paddle board so you never have to worry about gear.

On-Water Performance

The Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 contains numerous features that add to the on-water performance, such as three slide-in skegs for effortless tracking and an upturned bow for navigating wake. The broad dimensions of the swallowtail provide additional stability and support if you add extra weight to the board.

Kayak Design

The Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 is one of the most stable fishing kayaks for standing due to its exceptional width and traction pad. Not only does it have an appealing aesthetic and unique camouflage traction pad, but it also contains EVA foam to aid in the comfort and foot grip while on the water. The only downside of this type of traction pad is the lack of grip on the rails connected to the board. 


The Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 contains numerous features that add to the on-water performance, such as the stainless steel D-rings, paddle pocket, 36” fish ruler, swallowtail, four carry handles, and foam deck pad. Furthermore, there is a motor mount at the rear of the board so you can add more power. 

This board contains additional upgraded configurations for users, along with free options. 

  • Deluxe Package – The Deluxe configuration contains the SUP paddle, storage box, select SIP pump, A41 foot pump, repair kit, and backpack. 
  • Swivel-Seat Fishing Rig Package – This rig package contains a swivel seat, travel bag, storage box, hand pump, repair kit, and SUP paddle. 
  • Pro Motor Fishing Rig Package – The fishing rig configuration contains saltwater and freshwater motor, swivel seat fish rig, SUP paddle, storage box, manual hand pump, and iSUP repair kit.
  • Ultimate Package – The last additional option for this paddleboard is the swivel seat fish rig, single-stage electric pump, backpack, motor power center, SUP paddle, storage box, and hand pump. 

What Customers Think

Customers on numerous review sites such as Amazon stated they like this paddleboard compared to other beginner options. Users said they enjoyed how this paddleboard has an easy setup, stays extremely sturdy while on choppy water, and is very well-balanced for use in various weather and water conditions. 


  • Very durable and heavy-duty for long-lasting use.
  • Stability features and rigid materials minimize safety risks. 
  • Roomy and spacious. 
  • The kayak features a high maximum weight capacity for large users.
  • Every package includes numerous accessories in the price. 


  • The traction pad is not very wide, considering the board dimensions. 
  • Heavier than other similar options on the market. 

2. BOTE Lono Aero 12’6” – (Premium Pick) 

Bote Lono Aero stand up kayak

The BOTE Lono Aero is an inflatable stand-up kayak that is high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, functional, and capable of almost anything you want to do in calm water conditions. 


  • Length: 12’6” 
  • Width: 35.5”
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: 1100 Decitex reinforced drop stitch 
  • Weight: 61 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 400 lbs

Why Is This a Good Stand-Up Pick?

The BOTE Lono Aero 12’6” stand-up paddleboard contains various helpful features for all skill levels, high-quality accessories, and unique aesthetic additions made to stand out. We especially appreciate that this model can be either pedal-driven or become a stand up fishing kayak with a motor. Its versatility and ability to adapt to any water depth make the BOTE Lono Aero a top premium pick!

On-Water Performance 

The BOTE Lono Aero stand-up kayak paddleboard is different from the rest on the market. With a stabilizing keel guard and side bite fins that protect the underside of the board, the BOTE can withstand even the shallowest depths where your next catch awaits. 

All of these features are conducive to a high level of on-water performance. The on-water stability of the Lono Aero is exceptional due to the composite material of the base. Pressure makes the composite fibers tighten, creating a firm deck to keep you on your feet in choppy waters.

Kayak Design

The design of this kayak is helpful for those who need a do-it-all option while on the water. The port feature converts the standard kayak to a pedal-driven alternative in seconds. Furthermore, the APEX link bar connector allows for easy storage and security of the LONO for pedal-driven use, whereas the rudder steering attachment points increase versatility. 

Also of note are the several color options available – whether you want to decrease visibility with camo or stand out with neon blue, the Lono Aero suits any palate. In my opinion Bote has some of the best color schemes in the kayaking and paddle boarding industry!

Lastly, this stand-up paddleboard kayak contains two velcro pedal strap sets and a removable aero paddle sheath. Both of these features help you free up space on the kayak floor and anchor the kayak when you are ready to cast your line. 


The accessories included are the power-pole micro attachment point, D-ring tie-downs, bungee straps, velcro strap pockets, kula port, slide-in aero RAC receivers, grab handles, accessory mounting point, removable center fin, top and seat, self-bailing cockpit, and side bite fins. 

From an add-on accessories point of view, this kayak gives you some of the best value for your money. 

What Customers Think 

Customers enjoy the hybrid features of this kayak. Users on Bote Board gave this kayak 4.8 out of 5 stars in 164 reviews, highly lauding the easy setup, intricate design, high-quality material, stability in the water, and excellent tracking. 

Furthermore, users on Amazon gave this kayak a 3.7 out of 28 reviews. Although this is not as favorable as the Bote Board website, users still stated they enjoyed the rigid material, durable construction, inflatable design, easy setup and takedown process, and spacious dimensions. 


  • Stylish design. 
  • Plenty of room for fly line or fishing. 
  • Comfortable for all-day use.
  • Exceptionally stable in windy and hazardous conditions.
  • Aerobote material increases rigidity and performance.


  • The pedal port built is sold separately from the APEX Pedal Drive.
  • Not Aero cup holder compatible.
  • The kayak does not have any stash nets.

3. Sea Eagle 350 FX – (Angler Pick)


  • Length: 11’5” 
  • Width: 39” 
  • Thickness: 6” 
  • Materials: 1000 Denier with 2000 Denier reinforced sections, double layer high-pressure drop stitch floor with EVA foam padding 
  • Weight: 50.7 pounds 
  • Maximum capacity: 575.5 pounds

Why is it a Good Stand Up Pick?

The Sea Eagle 350 FX is a stand up kayak that is stable, rigid, and secure for all experience levels. Due to its excellent stability, comfortable design, high-pressure floor, and increased floor grip, the 350FX is a spacious and comfy option.

It also comes in a variety of different options that all anglers will appreciate. 

On-Water Performance

The Sea Eagle 350 FX stand up kayak is known for its superior on-water performance compared to other beginner options. Although it is not the quickest or the most agile on the water, this brand is reliable in rough waters or unpredictable weather conditions. 

The easy clip-in fin and high-pressure floor help keep the kayak gliding smoothly on water and increase the board rigidity. This helps you stand on the kayak without feeling instability. 

 Not only is the board easy to paddle and maneuver, but it does not take a lot of effort or power for beginners who are not used to dealing with choppy conditions. The Sea Eagle 350 FX has a removable skeg for smooth tracking during flat water excursions.

Although we may not suggest this stand-up kayak option for moderate users who want to increase their average speed, this option is practical for new anglers who want to improve their skills on the water. 

This craft is one of the better stand up kayaks for a wide variety of environments due to its durable construction. Its cousin, the Sea Eagle 380X is made for Class IV rapids so the manufacturing process is similar for this kayak. 

Kayak Design

The 350 FX features a drop stitch floor that allows stand casting to happen. It also features 2 1100 Decitex w/ 2200 Decitex Reinforced side walls that can inflate to 3.2 PSI.

Overall this is a solid choice for both experienced and rookie fishermen alike. It provides 3 different packages with different customizations that mainly feature different seat customizations with the eleborate package featuring an angler friendly swivel seat.

When deflated this kayak can be stored in a trunk, closet or back seat of a car.


This standing kayak contains numerous accessories that help its overall performance. The kayak includes front and rear spray skirts to keep water out – and keep you dry. Furthermore, the Sea Eagle 350 FX kayak comes equipped with a built-in rod and tool, hook, and lure holders, all of which increase the functionality and angler-friendliness of the kayak. This inflatable kayak is borderline impossible to sink!

The black side tube sections contain reinforced material and help protect against sharp debris in the water, accessories, and equipment you may use onboard. Plus, the high-pressure floor is durable and rigid for those who are not yet comfortable standing on moving water. 

Lastly, this stand on kayak contains a 40” fish ruler, flexible footrest, and D-rings on the right and left side anchors. Each of these features increases the functionality and purpose of the anchor point. 

What Customers Think

Compared to other kayaks on the market, customers indicate that this is the best stand-up fishing kayak for a smooth glide in any type of water. They also praise the easy and fast setup, thought-out functionality and design, and the 3-year warranty for increased customer confidence and satisfaction. 

According to Amazon reviews, this kayak is extraordinarily comfortable. The exterior material is very durable, and the material can withstand harsh debris to avoid abrasions and holes. However, some negative user reviews state the black material can get very hot in the sun, the swivel seat is not very secure, and the lack of handles on the boat sides limits the functionality. 


  • Features 16 self-bailing drain valves.
  • The rear skeg is easily removable for increased user-friendliness.
  • Contains front and rear carry handles for additional transportation options. 
  • Includes 14 D-rings to secure your items and your accessories while onboard. 
  • The EVA foam on the bottom of the board is non-slip for additional rigidity and grip. 


  • Some users did not like the swivel seat security. 
  • The kayak does not contain any port and starboard carry handles.
  • Rolling the boat can lead to glue deterioration on the fin pocket. 

4. NRS STAR Pike – (Durability Pick)

The NRS Star Pike is a high-quality inflatable kayak for intermediate to advanced anglers. Since this inflatable model is easy to transport while traveling and storing between uses, the portability of this stand-up, advanced kayak is key to high levels of user satisfaction. 


  • Length: 12’8” 
  • Width: 39”
  • Thickness: 11” 
  • Materials: PVC drop stitch  
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 375 lbs

Why is it a Good Stand Up Pick? 

The NRS Star Pike is a cost-effective and convenient package with abundant features that provide experienced anglers and beginners with everything they need. 

Not only does this SUP kayak have a compact design, durable material, and stable platform for SUP use, but the NRS Star Pike also contains two removable skegs, comfortable seats, and numerous attachment points for added convenience. 

On-Water Performance

The NRS Star Pike is a lightweight and transportable kayak that proves its worth through innovative design, high-level tracking, and multiple attachment points. The performance of the drop-stitch construction, rigid keel inserts, and inflation valves all increase the stability and the user-friendliness of this kayak while in calm or rough waters. 

The NRS Star Pike has aluminum-framed suspended-mesh seating to keep fishers upright and promote on-water visibility. Adjustable foot braces offer additional stability when paddling or reeling in your catch.

Kayak Design

The design of this kayak features a 10.5” tube diameter, three air chambers, PVC material, 44/1-00 weight/denier floor and tube material, 20 D-rings, two handles, and 17-inch center compartment width. 

The best feature of the kayak design is arguably the durability of the rugged material. Tear-proof PVC material means this kayak can endure harsh environments and avoid frequent repairs that will cost users more out of their pocket. NRS’s STAR kayaks are regularly tested in white water rapids so the materials that go into these kayaks are top-notch!


The NRS Star Pike kayak comes with a folding-back fishing seat, adjustable foot braces, carry bag, inflation pump, and one all-water fin for year-round use. Plus, this kayak contains five YakAttack mounts for adapting to various accessories for your kayak. 

In addition to the numerous features and accessories available with this stand-up paddleboard kayak, the NRS Star Pike comes with a manual pump, pressure gauge, and double-stitch construction for added durability. 

What Customers Think

Customers love this stand-up paddleboard kayak due to its long-lasting materials, ease of use for intermediate or advanced paddlers, additional stability, effortless transportation, and quick drying times. The only cons users had for this stand-up kayak was the slower speed and heavier weight compared to other similar options on the market.

User reviews on Amazon gave this kayak 5 out of 5 stars, with ratings specifically stating they loved the effective manual pump with pressure gauge, repair kit, convenient takedown and set up, and stability. 

Other cons indicated by Amazon users about this inflatable stand-up kayak were the pressure increase during hot weather and the confusing user manual. 


  • The high-quality PVC material is durable and useful for long periods.
  • Useful for beginner kayakers and stand-up paddleboarders who need to boat against persistent winds.
  • Features stability and extra speed for both security and advanced-user needs.
  • Very portable for easy transportation. 
  • Outer material dries off quickly compared to other kayaks.


  • Slower than other options on the market
  • Heavier than other options, making it harder to transport 

5. BOTE Zeppelin Air 12’6” – (Stability Pick)


  • Length: 12’6” 
  • Width: 38”
  • Thickness: 9” 
  • Materials: Dual Layer Fusion BOTE Aero Construction 
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 600 lbs

Why is this a Good Stand Up Pick?

The BOTE Zeppelin Aero 12’6” stand-up kayak is a unique and high-quality option for beginners and tandem kayakers alike. Its self-draining hull, optional second seat, and removable floor chamber indicate the BOTE kayak is a wise option for those who want a do-it-all and versatile choice. Arguably the most stable fishing kayak on this list, the BOTE Zeppelin truly has something for everyone.

So, why should you purchase this option for kayaking? In short, this BOTE kayak offers an easy inflation option for beginners and faster moving speeds for advanced handlers. It’s great for kayakers who enjoy going tandem kayaking with their friends and paddlers who want more flexibility and a higher seat than a rigid cockpit system. 

On-Water Performance

The maximum capacity of the BOTE stand-up kayak is a whopping 600 pounds, ensuring this kayak suits large users or two adults who want to bring multiple accessories with them on the water. Beginners will love the ability to easily maneuver the kayak on their own with extra stability and beginner-friendly features like the self-draining hull.

Since this kayak has a longer length than other options, it’s ideal for those who want to take the whole family fishing. You can also relax in the second seat as your partner fishes (or cheer them on, although dedicated anglers may prefer you to do that quietly).

Those apprehensive about inflatable kayaks for safety reasons will find the BOTE Zeppelin Air the best option. The self-draining capabilities, increased weight capacity, and elevated seat provide stability for passengers and smooth paddling for anglers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sinking or going underwater — the triple inflation chamber helps you stay afloat in choppy waters! 

Kayak Design 

The most important feature of the design of the BOTE paddleboard is the Kula and bucket RAC compatibility, Magnepod accessory compatibility, velcro pedal straps, tandem capability, sit-on-top design, and sturdy floor design for added security.


This BOTE Zeppelin Air kayak features a Magnepod drink holder, side-in RAC receivers, RAC compatibility for two buckets, tandem capacity, self-draining cockpit to empty unwanted water. It also features grab handles for easy transport, bungees to secure equipment, ice cooler tie-down points, inflate and deflate port, and numerous attachment points for gear storage. 

In addition, there are optional auxiliary accessories that users can purchase to increase the functionality and performance of this kayak for on-water use. Buyers can also acquire the auto electric pump, BOTE inflatable vest PFD, 5-piece adjustable kayak paddle, bucket RAC, Kula 5 cooler, and MAGNETumbler. 

What Customers Think 

Customers love the BOTE Zeppelin Air kayak for family adventures or spacious solo travels. The only downsides that users indicated about this BOTE kayak are the lack of the lift SUP handle, paddle sheath, traveling storage points, stash pod, and velcro straps. Additionally, this stand-up paddleboard kayak lacks compatibility with Rocket Rac, Tackle Rac, Wheel Rac, Power Rac, Sandspear, and Power-Pole Micro accessories. 

Customer reviews on Bote Board stated they enjoyed the stability, easy clean-up, simple transportation, and quickness in the water of the BOTE Zeppelin. Customers on Bote Board only had a few cons for this board, stating they did not like the lack of extra D-ring tie-downs, and some found it cumbersome to carry (no shoulder straps).

Lastly, according to user reviews on Amazon, users enjoyed the one-person carry possibilities, straightforward inflation, quick set up time, and ample space with storage capacity. The only downsides of this kayak, according to Amazon, were the bulkiness, heavy material, and the lack of drain holes. 


  • Versatile for both solo and tandem paddling.
  • The kayak provides high-quality performance.
  • Triple chamber design is quick and easy to inflate.
  • Each package contains extensive accessories and mounts.
  • A waterproof roller bag, RAC system, and kayak seat are all included in the kit.
  • 2-year warranty for added customer confidence. 


  • Harder to get up to speed as a single kayaker.
  • Some users wish there were more Magnepods onboard. 

Advantages of Inflatable Stand Up Kayaks

Below are a few of the advantages you get with inflatable stand up kayaks compared to their hardshell cousins.


Although this may seem implausible due to the lighter material and need for inflation, inflatable kayaks you can stand up in are more durable and longer-lasting than rigid options

Now, this does not go for all inflatable kayaks. Inflatable kayaks that are made of vinyl materials have a significantly shorter life span than those made of military-grade PVC. But they also are significantly less expensive.

-Editors Note

Quality inflatable kayaks utilize military-grade materials that are not susceptible to expensive repairs or constant dings and scratches. 

As advanced anglers often employ plastic kayaks on rough waters, you may think these reign supreme for safety. However, inflatable kayaks are the top choice for use on fast-flowing waters – their lightweight makeup allows them to glide over waves with minimal risk of sinking. 

Lower Risk of Injury

The following reason to consider choosing an inflatable stand-up kayak is that it hurts less when you fall on the board. As much as we would all like to think we will never fall on the board, it is almost guaranteed to happen, and trust me – it hurts.

The inflatable kayak lessens the trauma from falls not only to the board but on the body. You will not experience nearly the amount of bruising (or even worse – broken bones) as you would on a plastic hardshell kayak. 

Reduces Fatigue

Another reason to choose an inflatable stand-up paddleboard kayak is the increase in long-term beginner performance and reduction in fatigue. Do not get me wrong here – you will still get a workout and sleep well that night!

Instead of standing on rock-hard surfaces that do not have give or grip, the inflatable kayak can help reduce pressure and joint and muscular pain on your knees, lower back, and neck. 


As mentioned earlier, plastic kayaks can become a pain during transport. Whether carrying it out to the water or lugging it to your car. Many plastic kayak models are almost impossible for one person to carry. 

This does not mean that inflatable kayaks are massive time savers, however. For a lot of these models, you do have to inflate, set up, and then take down these inflatable boats after use. For military-grade PVC kayaks, I highly recommend using the Outdoor Master Shark II electric pump. Especially if you have a sensitive back like me. 

It greatly reduces your output in effort for setting everything up. 

Bring Your Inflatable Kayak on Vacation

Do you want to go to Hawaii or Florida for your next vacation? If so, consider bringing your inflatable kayak with you through your checked luggage! Instead of having to check your stiff kayak in oversized luggage (some airlines may not even accept full-size plastic kayaks, not to mention its expensive as heck.), users may find that a stand-up inflatable kayak is easier to travel within various modes of transportation.

What better way to travel than bringing your own inflatable kayak to find different pieces of fish to catch!

What to Look for in Inflatable Stand Up Fishing Kayaks

Before purchasing the perfect stand-up fishing kayak for your needs, consider what you are looking for in a kayak. Are you a beginner who is new to the water, or are you an advanced user who wants a more agile and performance-oriented option? 

Hull Shape

The hull shape is one of the most important characteristics when choosing the ideal stand-up kayak. The wider and flater the hull the more ideal it will be for standing up on. Below are some different types.

  • Flat – Flat hulls offer stability and maneuverability – ideal for stand-up kayaking and beginner use. 
  • Pontoon – Pontoon hulls are the second choice in terms of stability, offering a high degree of wave balance — albeit slower speeds.
  • V-shaped – The v-shaped taper is the best choice for maneuverability and speed but does not offer as much stability as the pontoon or flat hull. 
  • Rounded – The rounded hull shape is one of the top choices for rough water but feels less stable on flat water. 

Drop Stitch PVC Floor

A drop stitch PVC floor provides more stability in various conditions, higher maximum capacity weight, and more rigidity in both flowing and flat water. A drop-stitch technology kayak contains a rigid air chamber and fiber fabric to interweave the air chamber walls with the textile of the fabric material. 

With this type of drop-stitch technology, users benefit from the higher air pressure, rigid hull, increased stiffness and increased performance in the water. 

Wide Width

Kayak width is key to providing sizable resilience and width for a paddler’s stability needs. Beginners new to the water will typically need a broader kayak to provide security and stability. Ensure you pick a kayak that sufficiently meets your needs and not one that just looks aesthetically pleasing. Most kayaks range from approximately 28 to 34.5” wide based on the specific type, fit, and comfort required. 

The best width to choose for stable kayaks is typically about 35”. Although this is a less conventional width, the added stability is necessary for consistent use and core balance on rough waters. The most stable fishing kayak for standing is often the widest option.

Spacious Deck

The spacious deck is necessary for extra grip and user balance while onboard. Those who need extra stability and foot positioning should look for a length of over 10 feet, a width of above 35”, and a deck pad that takes up the majority of the kayak. 

The recommended kayak length for beginners is between 10 and 16 feet. Breadth should be between at least 33” and 35”. 

Necessary Accessories

Before you choose the perfect stand-up kayak, you need to consider a few must-have accessories that can make your experience more enjoyable – such as rod holders, deck space for coolers, storage compartments.

Rod holders

Rod holders are simply fishing rod holders that add a layer of convenience to your kayak. All of the above options have rod holders of some sort on their watercraft. 

A rod holder notably benefits multi-passenger excursions, as you do not have to maneuver around fishing poles throughout the deck. They are also great for passivly fishing while paddling along. This is how I’ve caught a lot of my fish in the past!

Deck Space for Coolers

We are not just talking about drinks, either! Having space for your cooler is essential for any fisherman, as it gives you somewhere to put your catches, bait, and okay, fine – drinks and snacks

The ability to reach over and grab bait quickly means you can reel in that fish faster. Ensure you measure the fish to double-check that it is a legal catch, and into the cooler, it goes.

Storage Compartments 

A lot of the inflatable kayaks have storage pockets or compartments either attached to the kayak, undeneath the bow and stern covers, or at the back of the seat.

These compartments can help keep things like tackle, pliers bobbers and other items sheltered from the elements. Of course if your inflatable kayak does not have this you can always get a tackle tray or tackle bag to suffice.

A PFD or Life Vest

Anytime you go on any sort of water its super important to bring AND WEAR a PFD. I know I know, you were the champion of your swim team, and you can swim from the Atlantic to the Pacific in 30 days. I get it, you can swim.

But the point of the PFD is used mainly if you become unconscious for whatever reason and need to stay upright. Over 80% of boating fatalities could have been prevented thanks to a PFD. Remember that next time you and a family member go out!

Sidekick Dry Pouch 

If you want to keep your valuables on you at all times, consider purchasing a super lightweight and out-of-the-way side pouch that contains waterproof material, velcro flaps for easy closure, and easy access to your wallets, phones, and keys. 

The sidekick dry pouch also makes a practical storage space for your fishing license or other credentials you may need while out on the water.


Below are some common questions asked by Inflatable kayakers.

How Long Will an Inflatable Kayak Last?

The typical lifespan of an inflatable kayak is between 5 and 10 years based on the type of use, the frequency of use, and the material. If you want to keep your kayak in peak condition for as long as possible, drying it out after every use is crucial. 

Fortunately, many of our picks have lasted much longer than that with some customers reporting getting 15-20 years out of them!

You should also repair any tears, scratches, or glue mishaps as soon as you can. 

What is a Better Choice For Fishing? Inflatable Kayak or Inflatable Paddle Board?

The best choice for fishing is a stand-up kayak due to the ample deck space, width, length, versatility to cast your line in any direction on the water, and the performance ability to navigate shallow waters. 

An inflatable paddleboard will work for fishing but typically does not provide the storage space of an inflatable kayak. Of course, The Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 is an exception to the rule because of its exceptionally wide width. 

Plus, inflatable kayaks feel more like traditional boats and provide more protection than a paddleboard.

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe?

Inflatable kayaks are safe for the average paddler, and contain various options for advanced users and beginners. Initially intended for rescues, these lightweight, portable, and beginner-friendly options are practical for flat and white water due to their resilience. 

That said, there is always some level of risk when you go on the water – regardless of what vessel you use or precautions you take. While kayaks you can stand on are generally safe, you still need to watch weather and water situations, signs of capsizing, or leaks to ensure a safe trip. And always always bring a  Life Vest or PFD!

What if My Inflatable Kayak Capsizes?

What happens if your inflatable kayak capsizes? Unfortunately, this will probably happen to everyone at least once. The trick is not to panic – although sometimes that is easier said than done. 

inflatable kayak capsize

If you are out on the water and your kayak capsizes, here is what to do:

  1. Stay calm
  2. Locate your kayak and paddle
  3. Flip the kayak over
  4. Swim to the middle of the kayak
  5. Keep your arms inside the boat
  6. Put yourself back in the kayak
  7. Position yourself correctly in the kayak 

We have more on what to do when your inflatable kayak capsizes here. The real benefit to inflatable kayaks is they are signifcantly easier to get back into than hardhshel kayaks!

What is the Best Inflatable Stand Up Kayak for Fishing?

We think the best stand-up fishing kayak is the Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126. Due to the various features, stainless steel D-rings, paddle pocket, swallowtail, carry handles, and foam deck pad, the Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 makes for a great inflatable fishing kayak for beginners or experienced anglers alike. All within a stable standing platform. 

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