Aquaglide Kayak Reviews

In these Aquaglide kayak reviews we go through the ins and outs of the company as well as go through the different series that Aquaglide currently offers.  

Aquaglide is made up of a small group of equally enthusiastic and passionate water sports fans. headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, Aquaglide was born.. They have availability in 70 different countries and their team works to develop high-quality products for watersports. Aquaglide enunciates that they hold premium quality to the utmost importance and use patented technology to create long-lasting inflatable kayak brands.

They have world-class customer service and support, and buyers comment that their kayaks are easy to transport, inflate, and utilize when coasting on various bodies of water. For first-time users, their boats are easy to navigate. We came across several reviews where many purchasers state that they couldn’t be happier with their new kayaks. 

So how do these Aquaglide models compare to each other as well as other manufacturers like Advanced Elements and Sea Eagle? Read on as we deconstruct all of what Aquaglide has to offer. 

Aquaglide Kayak Reviews

Keep reading to find more about each kayak series. We go through criteria like who it’s for, on-water performance, features and design as well as verified customer reviews and some of their thoughts. These criteria are ones we feel are the most important to finding out if this kayak is right for you and your needs. 

KayakDimensionsWeight Max CapacityActivityPrice
Noyo 909’ X 34”21 Lbs250 LbsRecreation$$
Chinook 909’ X 35”19 Lbs250 LbsRecreation$$
Chinook 10010’ X 36”23 Lbs400 LbsRecreation$$
Chinook 12012’ X 37”28 Lbs550 LbsRecreation$$
Navarro 110 11’ X 35.5”28 Lbs250 LbsRecreation$$$
Navarro 13013’ X 37.5”30 Lbs300 LbsRecreation$$$
Navarro 14514’4” X 39”36 Lbs500 LbsRecreation
Deschutes 11011’ X 36” 18 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$
Deschutes 13012’10” X 37.5”22 Lbs400 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$
Deschutes 14514’7” X 38”25 Lbs600 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$
Mckenzie 10510’6” X 39”19 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ White Water/ River$$$
Mckenzie 12512’2” X 34.5”30 Lbs600 LbsRecreation/ White Water/ River$$$$
Chelan 12011’3” X 32.5” 28 Lbs300 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$
Chelan 140 13’6” X 35”35 Lbs400 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$
Chelan 15515’1” X 36”38 Lbs600 LbsRecreation/ Touring$$$$$
Blackfoot Angler 13013’ X 38”41 Lbs650 LbsFishing/ Touring/ Recreation$$$$$
Blackfoot Angler 16016’4” X 38”50 Lbs800 LbsFishing/ Touring/ Recreation$$$$$$

Noyo 90 Review


  • 9’ x 34” x 15”
  • Materials:Evo Beam tech floor, HexShell 600 Denier Ripstop Polyester
  • 21 pounds
  • Maximum capacity: 250 pounds

Who It Is For

The Noyo 90 is for one rider ONLY, so if you’re thinking of taking a long excursion or a short-day trip by yourself, then this is a perfect fit for you. This kayak has easy maneuverability and set-up, making it ideal for a beginner.

On Water Performance

Being the smallest decked kayak, the Noyo makes you feel secure while paddling out on any calm river or bay. The ride is stable, forgiving for newbies getting their water legs. 

The Noyo also is able to make quick turns. While it isn’t a touring kayak by any means. Its tracking and control are decent for a boat of its size as well. 

Kayak Features and Design

In addition to being the smallest decked kayak, this design also highlights the closed deck style that keeps you dry (a feature you want during the winter months). The Noyo 90 is easy to transport and stash away with its compact design.

Furthermore, UV protection helps against the sun rays, and its durability and strength make it puncture-proof. The seat is supportive and breathable, and the floor is removable when you’re cleaning. The plugs are easy to put in and out when draining excess water from a long and winding trip. 

What Customers Think

Out of the 79 Amazon global ratings, the Noyo 90 earns a 3.9-star average. Some positives about it are its very tough material design and its speed being easy to control during more tumultuous conditions. However, if you’re considering purchasing, beware of slow leaks as well as zippers that aren’t waterproof

Some customers also complained that it wasn’t the easiest kayak to get in and out of. 


  • Good maneuverability
  • Stable to get in and out
  • Easy to paddle
  • Advanced design for a kayak of it’s budget


  • Paddles and pumps aren’t included
  • No foot braces
  • Not wide enough to fit certain heights

Chinook Kayak Series Review

Kayaks in Series

The kayaks included in the Chinook series are:

Who Are They For

Despite there being various versions of the Chinook, they all have similar qualities with a few key features that distinguish them from the others. The Chinook 90 is ideal for calm rivers or shorter trips on flat water, and the 100 follows these footsteps, designed for one or two shorter trips. The 90 sports one person and the other two can hold a couple of people. 

The Chinook 120 is a good choice for people looking for more quality time on the water, such as recreational paddlers or class I – II whitewater rafting. 

If you’re searching for a good kayak that makes cruising lakes and gentle rivers enjoyable and easy, at an affordable price then consider one of the Chinook series.

On Water Performance

These kayaks are lightweight but durable, well-designed, and versatile. The Chinook 90 is highly maneuverable, and the 100 guarantees easy transitions in and out of the boat. Additionally, the 100 comes with holders for fishing rods so you can enjoy another hobby, hands-free while bobbing on a lake. 

The Chinook 120 can cut through choppy waters with decent tracking. It won’t beat the Deschutes Chelan but it holds its own. This kayak is not too fast and prioritizes comfort rather than speed. Its roomy design is a comfortable ride, stable in waves, yet does not do well in wind because of its height.

Kayak Features and Design

The Chinook 90 has the shortest open cockpit. An open bow layout makes it an easy match for a singular person. Only clocking in at 19 pounds, this boat can support 250 pounds maximum.

On the flip side, the Chinook 100 is affordable and compact. It can support two people with a 400-pound maximum capacity. Because of this, it does weigh a bit more (23 pounds). You get the kayak, seats, footrests, quick-release fin, storage bag, and a repair kit for the price.

Finally, the Chinook 120, clocking in at 28 pounds total, has good value, coming with a variety of qualities that support up to 550 pounds. Most of its features are removable or adjustable. This ability makes drying faster and prevents later issues down the road. Its cushiony seats, ample legroom, storage ability, and foot braces make this choice a valuable pick for two people.

Remember that you will need to invest in a pump and paddles since none of the Chinook kayaks have one upon purchase.

What Customers Think

The Chinook 90 ranks are high due to the boat’s size and weight. The Chinook 90 is a great pick for an adult with beginner to intermediate skills. It’s easy to transport, making the traveling hassle less, and lightweight to carry on one shoulder. 

As for the Chinook 100, this kayak earned solid marks in practicality and an easy inflation process. Some customers complained that it doesn’t hold air well or leaks upon first use. 

Lastly, the Chinook 120 ranks high in stability, traction, and has a reasonable price. Some chambers caused issues for a few purchasers, and the seat backing material can wear down after use. 

Overall, the Chinook kayak is a reliable boat with each customer experience being different, yet customer service from Aquaglide stays consistent. We’ll elaborate more on that later on.


  • Quick inflation and deflation 
  • Polyester prevents abrasion from exposure to sunlight
  • Abrasion guards help protect the boat when nearing the beach, and splash guards keep the cockpit dry
  • Sturdy handles to carry better


  • Not self-bailing
  • The top fabric isn’t waterproof and could pose molding issues
  • Unstable floor

Navarro Kayak Series Review

Kayaks in Series

The kayaks included in the Navarro series are:

Who Are They For

The Navarro 110 has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, and the boat itself clocks in at just under 30 pounds. This boat is relatively maneuverable and is a solid choice for individual paddlers. Its design is for small to average-sized people, but you can opt for one of the following alternatives if you’re taller. 

The Navarro 130, on the other hand, is still a 1-person kayak yet can support an additional 50 pounds. It weighs exactly 30 pounds. Its unique, pontoon-styled look is good for recreational use or touring

The Navarro 145 is the biggest choice, supporting 500 pounds maximum and weighing just under 40 pounds. This inflatable is a prime example of a sit-inside option with an open deck. 1-2 people can easily use this boat recreationally

On Water Performance

The 110’s optional accessory spray kit helps keep the elements out during cold weather conditions. Another perk is that the floor is rigid when inflated to high pressure which provides the kayak some added rigidity.  This means you get better tracking and speed. 

 It’s best used on slow-moving rivers, lakes, or along the coast. Whitewaters are acceptable, but no more than class II. 

The 130 prides itself in its straight-line tracking, making for a reliable and easy ride. It’s comfortable and anybody can use it throughout the year whenever the craving to kayak hits you,just make sure you have the right equipment ;). The 145 takes the former and highlights them, excelling in on-water performance, comfort, and space.

Kayak Features and Design

The Navarro 110 uses Boston and military valves alongside various other helpful features, like molded carrying handles, a bungee deck lacing system, and pockets that protect the zippers, preventing water from leaking inside. These design choices make the 110 a resistant, accessible, and sturdy choice for buyers.

The Navarro 130 comes with a zip-on deck cover that helps protect against inclement weather and you can remove it during warmer conditions. It has an open deck which makes recreational paddling more available but has a drop-stick hard bottom that assists its all-around use. The 145 has the same features. However, the 145 boat focuses more on comfort while fitting an additional person.

What Customers Think

The Navarro 110 has a snug fit once inside, yet NOT EVERYBODY FITS. Feet space may be an issue, and the tracking isn’t as accurate as a hard shell kayak. Overall, the 110 has a fast inflation time and a decent amount of storage.

As for the Navarro 130, this kayak is comfortable, has a decent speed, and is easy to control. This is a better pick for taller folks with more space and room to store equipment. The Navarro 145 walks a similar path and is a stable, solid kayak with high-quality construction. No matter if you’re an experienced or beginner kayaker, the Navarro series is a reliable sit-inside inflatable kayak to look at.


  • You can stand up without tipping
  • Padded, mesh seats
  • 24-gauge PVC bladders
  • All weather use


  • Valves can be finicky
  • The 110 can feel a bit cramped for taller people
  • Occasional complaints of missing parts

Deschutes Kayak Series Review

Kayaks in Series

The kayaks in the Deschutes series include:

Who Are They For

The Deschutes series is ideal for people who are looking for a lightweight and affordable kayak that can still respond and maneuver well as you glide along various waters. 

Starting with the Deschutes 110, this kayak highlights portability and simple transportation. These boats are for the outdoor enthusiast who wishes to explore in an easy, relaxing ride. The 110 can support one person, up to 300 pounds maximum. Only weighing 18 pounds total, this sleek kayak combines speed with efficiency

The 110 is a great solo portage pick for those who have experience.  

The second in this model series, the 130, shares traits with the former, with an open deck that matches people who want a boat for touring expeditions. This Deschutes model is for one person still, however increases the maximum capacity to 400 pounds. It only weighs a few more pounds (22 pounds total) than the previous, which makes it convenient for backpacking and longer treks.

Last but not least, the Deschutes 145 is a tandem kayak, weighing the most at 27 pounds, but able to fit two paddlers on its sturdy body. For couples wanting a durable, space-saving kayak for flatwater or narrow, winding rivers, consider the 145 because of its rigidness that resembles a normal kayak and its ability to conquer any adventure. 

On Water Performance

The Deschutes 110’s length and stiffness make paddling seem effortless. Its narrow tubes result in better tracking, gliding smoothly across the water. The Deschutes 130 builds upon the 110’s qualities, both featuring a low rocker hull profile, which in turn, increases the surface area giving you more room for gear.   

The Deschutes 145 can pass over rocks because of their height on the water. It’s made of Duratex PVC, so no need to worry too much about punctures, and solo paddling is an option despite its space to fit two people.  

Kayak Features and Design

All the Deschutes kayaks feature Duratex, a material reinforcing the original PVC, so they’re able to handle various conditions while maintaining a lighter weight. All of them are open decks, and their feather frame inflatable crossbeams maintain structure for long periods.

Their EVA floors are stiff, giving you a more stable and better tracking platform. On the Deschutes 145, bungee deck lines at the back and front help secure additional gear. The Deschutes 145 has drain plugs that you can close or open depending on what water you’re considering and a removable fin that helps with tracking on flatwater.

Anyone who’s looking for a reliable kayak for overnight trips should consider the Deschutes since there is plenty of storage space and is quick to set up. Their lightweight build also makes them a great back country pick.

What Customers Think

The Deschutes models on average rank 4.9 out of 5, with 28 global Amazon ratings. None of them decreased below 4 stars. 

Out of other inflatables, customers agree that the Deschutes 110 is easy to handle, stable, and is perfect for one person. This kayak includes all the Aquaglide features you’d expect while remaining high-quality. The 110’s inflation and mobility is a perk but more mellow waters are where it is best suited.

Moreover, the Deschutes 130 is comfortable, roomy, and dries quickly. Some reviews stated to be wary of windy weather since the boat could drift. As for the 145, the majority said this kayak exceeded their expectations with its fast setup to its tracking. The Deschutes is good for beginners and those who want easy storage


  • Stable and easy to handle
  • Comfortable and light
  • Long-lasting, good quality


  • Paddles hit sidewalls
  • Fixed footrests
  • Its long body can be a hindrance; does not make quick turns

McKenzie Kayak Series Review

Kayaks in Series

The McKenzie kayak series includes two options:

Who Are They For

The McKenzie kayaks are for recreational paddling on calm water or class III whitewater rapids. Their hybrid designs make them versatile with maximum durability.

The McKenzie 105 is for one person, with a 300-pound maximum capacity. Only weighing 19 pounds, this boat is great for water sports fans who crave exploring tighter water ways.

On the flip side, the McKenzie 125 has two seats that ANYBODY can adjust for solo riding. It can go up to carrying 600 pounds total. The 125’s features make it easier to turn and control, especially in choppy rivers, and its EvoBeam floor helps with tracking so paddlers can confidently tackle any adventure ahead of them.  

On Water Performance

The McKenzie 105’s design helps it handle waves and keep the nose from going underwater while paddling. The McKenzie has increased maneuverability and features a high rocker bow, which makes it a versatile boat that can tackle any river or lake. 

The McKenzie 125 glides smoothly, and its side tubes provide excellent stability. Because of its wider width, the 125 moves slower with more drag compared to the Deschutes, Navarro and Chelan series. But tracking in a straight line is still possible. It features self-bailing, or permanently open, drain valves which is beneficial when sailing down whitewater and keeping your feet drier! 

Kayak Features and Design

The McKenzie 105 and 125 have outstanding performance in durability and tracking. They both have Duratex and EvoBeam features. This makes the McKenzie kayaks STRONG, REINFORCED, and LIGHT to carry

The 125 additionally has a removable tracking fin that’s flexible and won’t break easily when confronting rough waters. Its valves have a design so no air can escape, and the recommended air pressure is marked ON THE SIDE to avoid over-inflation. The seats have a 6-point attachment system, making them secure and comfortable, with the ability to reposition if necessary. 

What Customers Think

The McKenzie 105 has an average 3.6-star rating on Amazon. However, some said they weren’t pleased the package didn’t include oars. Others complained that the boat leaked because the material punctured easily, or that the instructions were unclear. Regardless, the positive reviews stated that the 105 is sturdy, easy to carry despite its size, easy to inflate and paddle. 

The McKenzie 125 ranks higher (4.4 stars), with customers saying that it’s an enjoyable kayak for boating trips. The only downside brought up was the risk of the bottom tearing after multiple uses. 


  • Ideal hybrid for both flatwater and whitewater
  • Rigid but comfortable
  • Nearly impossible to tip over
  • Molded plastic handles for easy carrying
  • Equipped with webbing loops for seats and gear


  • Difficulty inflating
  • Paddle rubs against the sides
  • Doesn’t reach the same speed as Chelan, Navarrow or Deschutes

Chelan Kayak Series Review

Kayaks in Series

The Chelan comes in three options:

Who Are They For

The Chelan kayaks are the MOST VERSATILE in the Aquaglide performance touring series. The Chelan 140 is perfect for larger solo paddlers and can carry extra gear since the maximum capacity is 400 pounds. Weighing 35 pounds, this is for people who want to get creative with customizable options and want efficient paddling ideal for tandem excursions. 

The Chelan 155 takes the above features, then spins them into another option, especially for paddlers searching for performance touring kayaks. The 155 has a maximum capacity of 600 pounds, enough to sport two adults, plus equipment, a child, or a pet. 

The Chelan 120 is specifically for A SOLO PADDLER. At 27 pounds, this boat has a straightforward assembly and is a great option for those in need of an easy entry and exit due to the open cockpit or simply don’t like an enclosed space. The weight limitation is 300 pounds. While its great at touring we feel the weight limit could be more, like the Mckenzie.

On Water Performance

The Chelan 140 has a drop-stitch, hard-bottom floor, creating a rigid boat. As stated previously, the open cockpit works for people who need their gear and storage space. Its speed is fast and effortless while cutting through the water. The 155 builds off of those features, a legit tandem inflatable kayak optimized for speed and efficient paddling.

The Chelan 120 comes with spray decks in the rear and front that prevent water from entering the cockpit. Its tracking is straight and nimble, with quick mobility that makes this variation easy to handle for any skill level. Its hull is puncture-resistant and reinforced; the inflatable, padded seat provides a high comfort level.

Kayak Features and Design

The Chelan 140 and 150 are very similar in features and design. The 140 has a unique combination of Duratex tube construction along with the hard-bottom floor making it a responsive ride. These specific characteristics make any outdoor enthusiast appreciate the space for gear to fit easily. It also includes MOLLE plates and mounts to accessorize and add personality to your new purchase.

The Chelan 120’s tubeless side chambers made from Duratex are smooth and quick-drying, which is ideal for anyone on the move and not wanting to wait for hours before packing up. Its front deck features fit gear and deep side well cutouts that collect any water splashing inside. The 120’s seating has fishing rod holders and storage pockets that make it breathable and functional.

What Customers Think

The Chelan 120 has overall positive reviews, ranking a bit under five stars. Customers claim that the kayak is easy to carry, get into, and is a comfortable ride with needed back support. Tracking and the skeg mounting mechanism could be better. If thats your main concern look at the longer 140 and 155 models.

However, the 120 includes plenty of velcro to help make the boat usable and stable. You can stand up with no issue, and the boat inside remains relatively dry. 

The Chelan 155 ranks equally high, with customers raving about the durability, easy setup, and the fin’s tracking.

The Chelan 140 can experience some issues with the tracking when only one person uses it and sways side to side while paddling. A few tips and tricks to avoid this issue would be to put some weight in the front or simply have two paddlers.


  • Spray visors rise about 5 inches up to deflect water
  • Mounts to secure gear
  • Gear and cloth loops
  • Molded carrying handles


  • No paddle holders
  • Military valves need a special adapter
  • Fin can be troublesome to install 

Blackfoot Angler Kayak Series Review

AquaGlide Kayaks

Kayaks in Series

The Blackfoot Angler series includes:

Who Are They For

Aquaglide re-designed the Blackfoot Angler series in 2021 to update this highly respected line of kayaks. These boats are perfect for fishers and master anglers who want to travel anywhere on the water. Their performance and durability impress even the most sophisticated anglers (you don’t have to be a professional). 

The Blackfoot Angler 160 is pretty heavy, weighing 50 pounds, but can support up to 800 pounds max. This boat is suitable for two people and has enough space for your tools, gear, and a couple of FAMILY MEMBERS.

The Blackfoot 130 resembles the 160, and Aquaglide aimed to make a better angling experience with these products. This boat is good for solo angling or up to two people, supporting 650 pounds max and weighing 41 pounds total.

Finally, the Blackfoot Angler 11 ISUP is worth mentioning; despite not being a kayak, this variation challenges the rider to catch fish on a stand-up paddleboard. It can support 450 pounds and is perfect for people looking to have regular fishing trips or a weekend hobbyist.

On Water Performance

The Blackfoot 160 has a drop-stitch floor as we’ve seen in previous Aquaglide products. These kayaks combine long term comfort with silent gliding performance, making them ideal for fishing. You can go anywhere with these boats due to their under-seat storage and other choice options, such as a cooler.

The Blackfoot 130 takes the same features, such as Duratex construction, making durability and space the Anglers top features. In the end, these are true tandem angling boats that have plenty of mounting options and differentiating features that fit a fisher’s life.    

Kayak Features and Design

The Blackfoot 160 has plush, adjustable seats and an AG frameset with coordinating high and low settings. An adjustable back angle makes this kayak stand out from the rest since it creates more room for gear or an extra seat. The 130 follows these same features.

The Blackfoot 11 ISUP is completely different, with attachment points for accessories, a bait tray, rod holder, and display. This 28.8-pound unit contains a river crossing transportation bag, ankle leash, hand pump, and is more for the technical, master angler who lives and breathes fishing. Despite not being a kayak, this is one of the more unique and capable models thus far.

What Customers Think

The Blackfoot Angler 130 scores very highly in comfort and stability. The speed and tracking are solid points as well. With easy installation and transportation, the 130 will fit anyone who’s an avid fisherman/woman. 

There were no reviews for the 11 ISUP; the 160, however, scored respectably in safety and security. Paddling is easy and comes with all the right features that you’ll be satisfied with.  


  • Stable, easy to get into
  • Comfortable, quick maneuverability
  • Stiff flooring


  • 1 Year warranty 

AquaGlide Add-On Accessories

The majority of the time, you get some accessories upon purchasing your Aquaglide kayak. These include footrests, a repair kit, and a storage bag. 

Here is a list of some popular Aquaglide accessories that add more convenience to your boat or replace any worn parts.

  • AG Kayak Fin – helps with tracking
  • Navarro 130 Deck Cover – adds warmth and protection
  • Proformance Seat – customizes seat to preference
  • Thigh Straps – additional security while paddling through rough water
  • Seat Riser – increases your visibility

While Aquaglide does provide some useful parts and accessories, the packages are not as feature rich as direct competitors like Sea Eagle. 

Another thing is that a lot of these kayak packages do not include neither a paddle or a pump which means you have to make additional purchases for those. This is a big con as even budget kayak manufacturer include at least a cheaper pump and paddle to get you started. 

AquaGlide Customer Service

The majority of customers state that Aquaglide’s service is awesome. In conclusion, breaking down various customer service reviews on Amazon, Review Meta gave Aquaglide a 3.5 out of 5-star rating. 

Aquaglide’s website provides various ways to get in touch with support. You can browse frequently asked questions, access owner’s manuals, browse how-to videos, send them a message, or give them a call to speak with someone at customer service.

Aquaglide Warranty and Returns Info

Here are some important points regarding warranties and returns for Aquaglide products:

  • Offer returns within the first 30 days
  • Must be in like-new condition with original packaging
  • The customer is responsible for return packaging

Most of the kayaks above come with a 2 year warranty. The exceptions to that are the Noyo, Navarro and Chinook and Blackfoot series which come with a 1-year limited warranty.

How does it compare to other inflatable kayak brands?

Advanced Elements offers a 1-year warranty on their products, and returns need to happen within 30 days, which is similar to Aquaglide. NRS has some 2-3 year warranties on specific products, while they have a 120 return policy for new purchases.

Sea Eagle offers a 3 year warranty which seems to the the standard for inflatable kayaks currently. 

Where to Buy Aquaglide Inflatable Kayaks

You can buy Aquaglide kayaks on, the official Aquaglide website, and In addition, Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods have a selection. You can order online. However, depending on where you live, the shipping and handling process or fee may vary, and the latter two are in the U.S.  

Similar Inflatable Kayak Manufacturers

Below are kayak manufacturers that have a wide selection of inflatable kayak lines similar but vastly different to Aquaglide.

Sea Eagle

sea eagle 380x

Established in 1968, Sea Eagle is located near New York City and sells inflatable kayaks and canoes, fishing boats, boards, and gear. They offer flexible packages of all budget ranges and uses to allow you to get on the water. Each kayak they offer comes in different packages that offer different add-ons. Sea Eagle has one of the most flexible lines of inflatable kayaks on the market. 

Advanced Elements

Based in California, Advanced Elements’ mission is to create new and exciting paddlesports products that make their customers’ outdoor experiences all that better. They sell inflatable kayaks, SUPs, gear bags, and accessories. Most of these kayaks are category II kayaks (kayak wrapped in protective material.) There are some of the most well known kayaks that have 18 inflatable kayaks in their line-up.