About Us

The future is here and it’s inflatable! Gone are the days of people needing a garage to store their kayaks. They can simply just get an inflatable and store it in the closet! Inflatable Kayak Authority is your no BS source for honest inflatable kayak reviews.

We make sure to test and heavily research all the kayaks that we come across and give hours and hours of honest assessments. 

Inflatable Kayak Authority’s mission statement is to give you honest reviews of kayaks that we have tried and assess them based on several different criteria. On water performance, storage, capacity and durability as well as many other factors related to those topics.

We also share tips and tricks that will help our paddlers become the best kayakers they can be and how to prepare for the best and worst scenarios. 

Inflatable Kayak Authority is your no BS source for honest inflatable kayak reviews.

– Derek

We use our Youtube channel as a key to show you how the kayak performs on the water, how to use it and how to assemble and disassemble it in real life. We also go through real life scenarios you may encounter while using your kayak and how to tackle them. I base these reviews and tips on 25 years of water sports experience including paddling kayaks and canoes since I was 7 years old.

Meet the Team


Hey, all, my name is Derek and I love to be outside in nature and being on the water. It’s such a peaceful place to be. I am the founder of Inflatable Kayak Authority.

I also run other water sports websites Inflatable SUP Authority and Floating Authority. In my 25 years I’ve learned a lot about everything that has to do with kayaking.

I want to transfer that knowledge to you, the reader and help guide you through this hobby that I most enjoy. 

Inflatable Kayak Authority is Based in Canada (home of the most lakes and longest coastline) but I have also paddled and explored different parts of the U.S.A in the past.

My goal for inflatable kayak authority is to make sure that you learn something and to be as transparent as possible about all the products we review. 

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